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Birdwatching report «Birds of Gúdar-Javalambre»

  • Por David Cayuela

Last thursday we had a bird watching trip arround «Sierras de Gúdar-Javalambre» (#Teruel) with Lidia and Asbjørn, two birders from Norway, whose love of birds began after taking a course in his country.

We started early to avoid the heat, and we enjoyed with the first sights of Rock thrush, Wryneck, Ortolan bunting, Northern and Black-eared wheatear or the little Spectacled warbler. In the forest we could hear the roe deer and over our heads, a couple of Booted eagle.

Rock trhush

Rock trhush

We continued with our 4×4 to the top of the mountains for watching several forest birds like Citril finch, Crossbill, Woodlark, Crested tit and Mistle thrush and finally we arrived to our «Masada» (Farm house).

Citril finch

Citril finch, also known as the Alpine citril finch

Our «Mas del Cubillo» its still in spring!! Many orchids, other flowers and butterflies fill our green valley with striking colors.

Scarce Swallowtail (Iphiclides podalirius)

Scarce Swallowtail (Iphiclides podalirius)

We came back to the nice small town of Rubielos de Mora, but on the road we saw the colourful bee-eaters, Hoopoe and a couple of Egyptian vultures. We drove to the second stop: our #Hide #Photography for Griffon and Egyptian Vultures. In less than 5 minutes hundred of vultures landed in front of the hide delighting Asbjørn’s camera. In 1 hour we saw 5 adults of Egyptian vultures!!!

With a wingspan close to 3 metres and weighing 8 kilos, Griffon Vulture is one of the largest raptors in Spain. Its amazing!!!

With a wingspan close to 3 metres, Griffon Vulture is one of the largest raptors in Spain. Its amazing!!!

Lidia and Asbjørn loved Ortolan bunting and Hoopoe, and we try to see both again with the telescope. Finally we saw succesfully a 3 Hoopoes family. Keen eye Asbjørn!!

Only 8 pairs of Ortolan bunting nest in Norway

Only 8 pairs of Ortolan bunting nest in Norway

It had been a pleasure to provide this trip for Lidia and Asbjørn and I’d love to see you again for the next Birdwatchinng Tour arround Aragon region…my be Gallocanta’s Lagoon? 😉

Check list species:

Griffon vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Booted eagle, Kestrel, Rock Thrush, Wryneck, Ortolan, Cirl and Rock bunting, Northern and Black-eared wheatear, Spectacled, Garden and Dartforf Warblers, Hoopoe, Bee eater, Rock sparrow, Crossbill, Citril finch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Serin Linnet, Tawny pipit, Mistle trhush, Stonechat, Nuthatch, Jay, Treecreeper, Coal tit, Raven,