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About us | Birdingteruel
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About us

Birdingteruel offers a complete wildlife experience in one of the most diverse regions in Spain. We are located in the Gúdar mountains, in Teruel, the southernmost province in the region of Aragón. These limestone mountains are just an hour from the coast, resulting in a mix of habitats ranging from subalpine meadows, pinewoods (with all the species of the Iberian Peninsula present), holm and Portuguese oak woods to river gorges and Mediterranean scrub. In the nearby coastal regions almond, olive and orange groves, as well as coastal marshes can be found, whereas towards West and North dry agricultural plains, continental steppes and the interesting Spanish juniper woods predominate.

Teruel Province and especially the Gúdar mountains have undergone massive depopulation since the middle of the 20th century. People migrated towards the industrial areas and the large cities in Spain, leaving behind their small villages and traditional farms. The result is the conservation of the traditional landscapes, that have remained almost unchanged since the Middle Ages. Traditional farming practices, with stubbles, fallows, very little use of pesticides and fertilizers and extensive sheep, goat and cattle grazing give us an overview on how the Mediterranean agrosystems may have been in the past.

Birdingteruel offers a wide range of Birdwatching Tours to the main nature reserves in Teruel Province and around (Gallocanta’s and Cañizar’s Lagoons, Steppes of Belchite, Albarracin Forests, Mountains of Gúdar-Javalambre, Albufera of Valencia and its coastal marshes,…) or to track down a target species, guided tours for observation and photography of the Iberian ibex or interpreted itineraries that explore the rich natural and cultural heritage that treasures this province (the “Masadas” (Farm houses), traditional uses and crafts, transhumance …).

We have several “hides” for wildlife photography, facilitating field work both to nature photographers and all people who share our passion in observing and enjoying birds in particular and wildlife in general.

In addition to these services, Birdingteruel also offers environmental consulting and the development of related workshops, Nature photography techniques, environmental education in schools, … giving special attention to educate in the conservation of the natural environment of these rural areas.

We are fully convinced that the ornithological tourism is an appropriate instrument to achieve sustainable development in our region, helping to improve their local economy but always with the most respect for the natural environment. Hence all our activities are conducted in accordance with current legislation, have the relevant administrative permissions and are always in accordance with the ethical code of associations as ASAFONA (Aragonese Association of Nature Photographers) or the code of good practices of SEO Birdlife.
With our work we also want to raise awareness about the importance of the habitats and species of this Iberian region, collaborating with the Administration in diverse conservation projects and wildlife monitoring.


Who is David Cayuela?
David Cayuela is the main promoter of this initiative. Agronomist with a large experience in management and promotion of Protected Natural Areas and being contributing member for more than 25 years in prestigious conservation associations like SEO (Spanish Ornithological Society) or SVO (Valencia’s Ornithology Society), he decides to initiate in the field of nature tourism with the creation of Birdingteruel, a company that aims to bring together birdwatching with other values, directly or indirectly related to it, such as the conservation of the habitats where they live in, education of the local population and definitely, as a tool for sustainable development of this territory.