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Legal notice | BirdingteruelBirdingteruel
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Legal notice | Birdingteruel
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Legal notice

Birdingteruel is a Birdwatching company and services for the photographers of Wildlife & Nature.
Birdingteruel establishes the following booking conditions and means that any person who makes the reservation knows and accepts. We reserve the right to make any changes.
1.1 The tour price includes the services of a specialized guide, transport in 4×4 or van 8 seater, vehicle insurance RSC, lending the material required (1 Binocular by person or couple, one telescope / group, 1 bird guide / group , Checklist with bird species). The following items are not included – travel insurance, personal equipment, food and drinks (unless specified in the details of the tour). Depending on the characteristics of the tour itinerary may include accommodation in a double room in quality hotels and/or maintenance in full board or half board. In case of allergies, intolerances or special (vegan/vegetarian) schemes must notify the organization at least 48 hours prior to departure. Birdingteruel not responsible for any inconvenience or damage sustained by the lack of notification (or late notification) of these situations.
1.2 We conducted tours organized for groups but also custom tours for couples or singles (see our rates), adapting to your preferences observation of species and habitats.
1.3 The routes may be from a half to several days and will be made by combining journeys on foot or by vehicle. Unless otherwise indicated, our tours are affordable for everyone and do not require high physical effort, but should be able to complete them. If you have any health problems, physical limitations or come with their children you should properly inform to adapt the route as far as possible. To meet the needs of all levels of birders try to tailor the tour to the overall capacity of the group, whenever possible.
1.4 Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers, experts bird watchers, amateurs or beginners, who entrust us with their free time to do what they like best: enjoy observing wildlife and nature. For this reason our tours rarely exceed a maximum of 6 persons / group, ensuring quality personalized service. (For larger groups contact us previously). There is no minimum group size since we can offer tours for individuals or couples.
1.5 It’s necessary to understand that this is wildlife in their natural environment so it can never guarantee 100% sightings of all species indicated. Although we have extensive knowledge of the area and monitoring the% done favors observation are high, it is only species lists we could find on our tour.
We are fully committed to nature conservation so for observation, any discomfort will prevent birds and follow the guide’s instructions at all times.
1.6 We will be happy to provide any additional information on accommodation, restaurants, cultural heritage of the environment, other services available in the area … as well as recommendations on the most appropriate clothing, observable species depending on the time of year, other areas of interest to birds, etc.
2.1 Depending on the species or species to photograph, sessions will be half day or full day.
2.2 Before arrival:
– You must have made a reservation under paragraph 4 relating to “Conditions and Reserves”. Reservations are personal and not transferable.
– Arrive on time to the meeting place.
– Bring enough food and water, or indicate that you we provide it.
– Ensure you have the equipment with enough charged batteries and cards.
– The physiological needs be made before the entrance to the hide, however deposits are provided if necessary.
2.3 Once installed inside the hide you can not leave it under any circumstances, except in cases of force majeure (not including physiological needs) and after telephone communication with our guides. One of our guides will come to pick you up at the agreed time. Communication with the guide recommends be performed by sms or whatsapp.
2.4 Do not make noises or sudden movements that may disturb wildlife.
2.5 is a smoke and make fire within the hides.
2.6 Mobile devices must remain silent throughout the session mode.
2.7 All our hides have the appropriate permits and comply with current regulations.
2.8 Birdingteruel keeps track and control all cameras hides by camera traps, so that we can inform you about how often you are entering each of the species, the best time of the day, behavior, etc.
2.9 If you plan to go accompanied or hire several hides, see our discounts and special offers.
2.10 Although already previously that work with wildlife and therefore it is impossible to predict 100% its presence in the hides, if not to take pictures we offer the possibility of repeating the session in any of our hides, just or lower price during the 3 months.
2.11 Booking conditions and cancellation of the hides are the same as for the case of the ornithological tours, set out in paragraphs 4 and 5.
It is specifically indicated on the basis of group characteristics and / or contracted tour. We offer the possibility to pick you up at the hotel itself in that is hosted and even pick up and transfer to the airport in Valencia, Castellón or Zaragoza. Ask us about this service so you do not have to worry about anything.
4.1 To make a reservation fee, you must complete the form that will email once you contact us. It must be provided compulsorily full name and DNI to formalize insurance.
4.2 shall pay only when from Birdingteruel have expressly communicated in writing by email, the correct booking confirmation. The terms and conditions are subject at all times to Spanish law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. We reserve the right to refuse any reservation request for any legal reason, at our discretion.
4.3 Payment will be made by bank transfer in the bank before the expiry of 5 calendar days from the reservation confirmation:
Account Number: You supply it by email upon request.
Title: Birdingteruel
Concept: Name of reservation holder and activity
4.4 Upon payment, you must send the digital receipt, the screenshot of the operation or proof on paper scanned or photographed birdingteruel@gmail.com.
For those exceptionally payments made within 48 hours before the start of a tour or photo shoot, and having been authorized by the organization, delivery of the original proof be asked in hand, before the start of it.
In the case of staff accommodation, will be the establishment itself is responsible for collecting services. It is recommended to inquire and book in advance
4.5 Will not be considered reserved any place if this procedure accurately is not met, especially in terms of payment and the provision of personal data requested.
5.1 will only be accepted in writing by the person who signed the booking form and will take effect on the day we receive such notification. In the event of cancellation, withholding will apply if cancellation of booking by the participant under the following conditions occurs:
– Before 10 calendar days before the start of the activity: retention of 25%
– 10 to 3 calendar days before the start of the activity: retention of 50%
– Less than three calendar days before the start of the activity (or presentation at the meeting point at the stipulated time): 100% retention
However, Birdingteruel offers the possibility that, in case of cancellation, the amounts paid may be left in storage for use in future tours or photo sessions (any hide equal or lower cost) within a period not exceeding 3 months counting from the trip / canceled session or as long as the insurance company authorized, you can transfer your reservation to someone else.
5.2 In the case of custom tours, calculation of costs will be sent with the maximum possible advance on a detailed budget (transport costs and fuel, food, accommodation, etc …).
5.3 We reserve the right to cancel or make changes both itineraries and access to hides, due to force majeure (meteorological warnings, no group training in ornithological tours, restrictions set by management, …) However, the routes are carefully designed, contemplating alternative routes that we believe will keep the level announced the tour and will offer similar opportunities for bird watching. As a courtesy, if necessary to introduce any changes in the itinerary, they will be communicated before the start of the route.
If we cancel a trip / photo shoot for any of the reasons mentioned above, we will refund the full amount to the participants in the activity without them being entitled to claim any other compensation. All returns are always made by bank transfer, which must be provided an account number.
It is highly recommended to hire a personal travel insurance (especially if you come from outside Spain). This should have adequate coverage to cover you against medical expenses, injury, death, repatriation, equipment and money loss and liability coverage. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance coverage that you hire is adequate and sufficient for your particular needs.
Breaching any of these rules automatically imply that it can reuse our services.